Monstrous color book in the making

My dear ol’ mum has been (not so subtly) nudging me to make more monsters – to be printed and colored by creative wee children all around. Fair enough, in between dry-spells in commissioned work for clients and the essential crippling depression of the artist, I’ve started sketching and inking that which goes bump in the night. The plan is to make a pack of PDFs for print both on standard A4 and US letter-sized paper, for a fairly negligible sum. Perhaps preprint a couple of booklets and bring to conventions and such.

Color book: mummy Color book: Werewolf

That mummy looks a bit lonely. Perhaps add a bit of Egyptian architecture behind him for the final version :)


Ghibli-inspired design

A gaming site announced a competition regarding the RPG co-developed with Studio Ghibli – Ni no Kuni. Make a character fit for a Ghibli-esque universe, and win the special edition of said game! I did not win, not even close, but the task was intruiging none the less! Ligne claire (google it) it’s not something I’ve toyed around with at all, and it’s challenging to use nothing but a line to convey shape and volume. I highly recommed everyone to dabble with it once in a while!