Installing and running AGS on Kubuntu 64-bit

At the moment of writing this, I’m still running Kubuntu 13.10 (codename Saucy), because I haven’t bothered upgrading to 14.x yet.

OK, down to business. AGS has a Linux-port of the engine, but getting the editor to run in Linux takes a bit of tinkering. Here’s what I did.

1) Get the latest version of Wine

Head to and add the Wine PPA to your package sources. Then run:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine

2) Create a separate 32-bit wine prefix

WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 winecfg

Just press “Ok” if you don’t know a particular change to the default Wine setup you wish to apply to the prefix.

3) Install .NET 2.0 on this prefix.

env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 winetricks dotnet20

4) Download the latest AGS install executable

Head to and download the executable. Then run (in the folder you downloaded to):

env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 wine AGS-3.3.0.exe

Exchange “AGS-3.3.0.exe” for whatever file you’ve downloaded.

5) Start the editor


env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 wine ~/.wine32/drive_c/"Program Files"/"Adventure Game Studio 3.3.0"/AGSEditor.exe

This snippet assumed you made no changes to the suggested installpath and is ideally saved as a shortcut on your system.

Happy designing!