No, really. Sex! Let me introduce you to the adult indie-anthology Swedish Comic Sin, a thus far yearly endeavour, aiming to collect fresh talent and make clever, enticing and pretty fu**ing sweet erotica. I’ve had the privilege to participate with 11 pages of lust and woe in this, the third instalment which is at the printers and will be available at this years International Comic Festival in Stockholm.

So, really… This site doesn’t have much to offer these days. Click yourself to instead and read up on the project, as well as interviews with the participant artists. If you know you want a copy, but cannot make it to the festival, then fret not – drop me an email and we’ll make it happen. If you live in Gästrikland, it’s even fairly easy to arrange a “shady back-alley meeting” and I promise it’ll be awkward as f**k.

Peace, love and a double-barrelled shotgun

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